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The Experience

Be a member of a global team designing a social enterprise. (See the GEE-Free tab for details). Supercharge the experience with adding GEE-Plus for: 

Training: Enjoy interactive webinars on leadership skills, personal development, innovation, creating a business concept proposal, social enterpreneurship, and the UN SDGs. Get the full details here and the schedule here.

Networking: Share learning with other changemakers from around the world in facilitated network sessions. Receive guidance from colleagues and professionals. 

Personal coaching: One-on-one coaching that helps you grow your leadership, form deep insights into yourself, align with your goals, amplify your strengths, and overcome the blockages that sabotage your best intentions. Book times for one-hour online sessions that suit you with your chosen coach.

Personal business mentoring: One-on-one business mentoring to receive guidance for you to refine your team's business concept, and develop your business strategy, marketing, economics, financing, and viability. Book times for 40 minutes session with that suit you with your chosen business mentor.

Leading a global team: GEE-Plus enrolees get priority rights to lead a global team. On the enrolment form, let us know if you would like to be invited to lead - either on your own or with a colleague. Team leadership is about double the work of being a team member. As leader you start the team, establish the technology platforms, lead a creative process to generate great social enterprise ideas, gain agreement, manage conflict, keep to deadlines, make tough decisions when necessary, assure a quality proposal, build mutual respect for the team's diverse world-views, and inspire the joy of fellowship. Past graduates say the experience was the most significant factor in transforming their lives and landing their dream job. 

Add a qualification: GEE-Plus enrollees can have their work marked to earn a micro-credential issued by Victoria University of Wellington. This is New Zealand's capital city university and is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world. You can earn one of two qualifications that are standalone and can be used toward undergraduate and graduate diploma qualifications:

Leadership in the Global Enterprise Experience Micro-credential, (12 points at Level 7 - i.e. third year university). Only team leaders are eligible.

Peer-Leadership in the Global Enterprise Experience Micro-credential (8 points at Level 6, i.e. second year university). All GEE-Plus enrolees are eligible.



Enrolment in the Global Enterprise Experience is free.

Add the GEE-Plus programme for USD 1,210

Add the micro-credential qualification for an additional USD 190.

Invoices are sent to your chosen payers after enrolment.


GEE-Plus Enrolment

Enrol here between February 25 to April 16 on the Global Enterprise Experience. Select the GEE-Plus option on the enrolment form.


2025 contest dates

At 01:00 GMT on April 30 you will receive details of your eight team members. For three weeks you will work together to develop your proposal to submit by May 21. The GEE-Plus programme starts on April 24 to prepare you for leadership.   


Who may enrol

Anyone in tertiary education, the workforce, or contributing to a voluntary organisation can enrol in GEE-Plus.

An invitation to lead a team is limited to GEE-Plus enrolees who:

  • Expressed interest in leadership on their enrolment form, and
  • Have been selected for GEE-Plus scholarships (e.g. from MFAT, NZ Police, TPK, Ministry of Ethnic Communities, UNDP, universities), or
  • Are graduates, or
  • 300 level or above university students, or
  • Who have some leadership experience.