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Why coaching?

In innovative organisations, leaders don’t simply lead and make decisions. They also run a more subtle process of uplifting staff through helping them build their own answers from their own resources. This is a Leadership Coach role.

Coaching is not the same as mentoring. Coaching uses active listening, insightful questions, relevant stories, techniques that guide thinking, and tasks to move towards taking action so that the coachee forms their own insights. Mentoring makes more use of providing guidance, diagnosis, and advice.

Through tuning into their own aspirations and tackling their own blockages, staff can more easily step up to responsibilities, initiate action, and lead projects. Progressive organisations are training their staff in coaching skills, as well as providing access to experienced coaches. The benefits to organisations and individuals are profound.

Coaching impact


This experience is for you if you wish to:

  • Grow your skills in coaching staff, colleagues or citizens
  • Develop personal insights into your leadership, communication and coaching style
  • Learn more about virtual global teamwork, uniting diverse cultures, innovation, social entrepreneurship, and applying UN Sustainable Development Goals in the workplace
  • Use coaching to raise creativity, problem solving, decision making, productivity, unity and team collegiality
  • Impact emerging leaders to develop solutions for the kind of world we all wish to live in


The coaching experience

As a Leader Coach in the Global Enterprise Experience you will use your wisdom to coach the team leaders. Your role is to be a sounding board, actively listen, use probing questions, and be a safe haven so your coachees can build their own insights and step up to the challenge.

First we will provide you with a full training programme that includes:

  • Self-evaluation of your mindset and learning needs
  • Self-paced training via 24 online modules to learn transactional coaching in the workplace
  • Interactive webinars on transformational coaching
  • Small group sessions with coaching colleagues to share insights and learning
  • Practice coaching with colleagues
  • Optionally book in for personal coaching sessions from our skilled coaching professionals to experience quality coaching and develop your own insights
  • Apply your skills with coaching leaders in the Global Enterprise Experience. You are required to do a minimum of ten 50-minute coaching sessions to be certified, but can volunteer to do more. You offer the times that suit you on an online booking calendar.
  • Debrief learning with coaching colleagues andr our coaching professionals
  • Celebrate success

The team leaders need your help! They have the intensive role of pulling together their team of eight members from Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific and find ways to work together.

They are challenged with fostering creativity, making decisions, building a team culture, ensuring full commitment, managing team software, caring for colleagues, setting standards, strategically thinking through a viable social enterprise, business planning, managing conflict, preparing a polished proposal, forming their insights, and keeping their own head above water.

All team members are tasked with being peer-leaders - that is taking joint responsibility for making the team work well. Some team members are invited by the leader to co-lead, while others step up to fill a leadership vacuum. These impressive peer-leaders also need your help. 

We expect similar numbers to 2021 - 1360 participants from 55 countries in 168 teams. We began with 187 leaders and co-leaders, and had an additional 105 team members step up to take co-leadership roles. 


Requirements for your coachees

unsdg LogoTeams have three weeks to connect via the internet to develop a business concept proposal for a profitable venture that addresses a UN Sustainable Development Goal with limited capital. They have from April 27 to May 18, 2022. 

They have four more days to submit their personal reflection of their peer-leadership and coaching experience, and to provide 360 degree feedback of their colleagues' peer-leadership.

Individuals also have the opportunity to apply for seed funding of NZ$4,000 to make their proposal happen.

Your leader coaching may span from April 27 to May 22, 2022.


Who can enrol to coach?

You must have managerial experience in the workplace or voluntary role for your enrolment to be accepted. 

When you enrol, you commit to offer at least ten one-hour coaching sessions with the leaders of the global teams. You are welcome to offer more. Many of the initial leaders are based in New Zealand, but the co-leaders who emerge during the competition span the planet. There are eight people in each team, living in developed and developing countries. Leaders are expected to experience coaching during the contest. 

You must have a private space with an internet connection that can reliably use video conferencing software. We will set you up with a Microsoft Teams account.

You can share insights and the process with others, but the content of your coaching sessions is confidential.


Next Programme

March 14 - May 22, 2022.

Coaching certification is achievable in 40 hours of training and experience

NZ$2,500 + GST (Early bird rate of NZ$1,950 + GST before January 31).

Enrol here before March 7, 2022. After enrolment you will be asked to provide a brief bio and photo to share with your coachees. When your enrolment is accepted you will be invoiced.


Awards and recognition for Leader Coaches

Parliament NZ Coaching AwardYou can win the Champion Leader Coach Award.

Coaches who complete all requirements receive the Global Enterprise Experience Leader Coach Certificate with a letter of commendation.

The ceremony will be held in New Zealand's Parliament on June 22. You may bring a guest if you are able to attend.