Enrol here between February 8 and April 15 for the 2020 Global Enterprise Experience. The contest starts on April 29.


Change Enrolment

If you need to remove an enrolment, change a partner, change details or you have any other queries please contact the organiser Deb Gilbertson on deb [at] windeaters.co.nz.



The Global Enterprise Experience encourages all participants to be peer leaders - that is taking joint responsibility for team creativity, team productivity, team problem solving, team unity and helping others to succeed.

After enrolling, complete this self-evaluation questionnaire of your peer leadership skills. It does NOT matter if you score yourself highly or lowly. If you think you are already good at these skills, then demonstrate them with your global team. Or if you are not yet good at them, then experiment with these skills. The questionnaire must be completed before April 19 to be included in a team. Use your main email address and GEE ID number to log in.