Leadership Roles 
The Global Enterprise Experience is developing three kinds of leaders:
1] Peer-Leaders
2] Leaders
3] Leadership Coaches


All participants are expected to be peer-leaders - that is taking joint responsibility for team creativity, team productivity, team problem solving, team unity and helping others to succeed.

Peer-leaders matter. They are the people who see a need and step up to the challenge – regardless of their designated role. There is a famous quote from Margaret Mead about peer-leaders; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Here are some ways you can express your peer-leadership in the Global Enterprise Experience:

 Be the first person to share your creative ideas which leads the way for others to share

 Freely share your creative ideas – good, bad, crazy, insightful, obvious, unusual. In so doing you give permission for others freely share their ideas. Often team members will self-censor their ideas concerned that others may think less of them if their ideas are not brilliant.
 Expand other team members’ ideas, thus giving respect to others and building commitment for a shared solution
 Provide options and compromises that enable the team to reach a decision
 Carefully craft your comments in language that helps to build a collaborative team culture
 Initiate one-on-one relationships with all team members, building engagement from everyone
 Use your initiative to resolve issues like missing team members, lack of progress, conflict, or poor standards. Don’t leave all the work to the designated team leader
 Raise real concerns – but in a manner that helps the team to address the concerns
 Support the designated team leader to fulfil their obligations to the team
 Be a beacon of ethics and values
 Put the team needs ahead of your personal needs
 Support other team members to step up to their potential
 Celebrate the unique qualities of all team members – such as their culture, their world view, their skills, their work effort, their kindness, or their peer leadership.

We support your peer leadership growth through:

 A peer-leadership self-evaluation to highlight your current strengths and areas for improvement

 A one-page reflection on your peer-leadership contribution to your global team.
 360-degree feedback from your team colleagues on peer-leadership strengths and areas for growth
 Guidance in peer-leadership throughout the contest
 The Champion Global Peer-Leadership Award with NZ$1,000 prize money (and five highly commended awards). All participants, except the designated Leaders and the Leadership Coaches, are eligible for this award. Excellence is also recognised through a certificate and letter of commendation.

We traced 5000 successful business and social ventures for a better world. At the heart of every venture was a person who chose to make a difference. Always! That person’s commitment then attracted other people, skills, money, resources and opportunities to grow the venture.

So, to create the world we all wish to live in, we need to grow leaders.

How does that happen? Well, every experience that draws on leadership behaviours raises capacity to lead. The Global Enterprise Experience offers many leadership experiences such as building a virtual team, leading creativity to generate solutions to tackle the UNSDGs, taking swift action, setting high standards, building alliances across diverse peoples, caring about colleagues, being humble to follow and fit in, being bold to drive action, deal with conflict and make tough decisions, carefully crafting communication to engage the hearts and minds of colleagues, understandingmarketing, economics and innovation to progress an idea to a successful venture, knowing how to use virtual tools to manage a virtual team, and taking responsibility for a team to step up to its potential.

At Victoria University of Wellington we train our students in all these areas to lead their global teams. But some years we need up to 100 additional leaders who we support with training materials and coaching. If you are interested in taking on the challenge of leading a global team then please email the organiser Deb Gilbertson on deb[at]windeaters.co.nz before April 26.

Check if this leadership opportunity is for you:

 You are willing to learn the skills described above. You do not have to be a great leader, but you do need a great attitude to learn, try and care about your team
 You are willing to experiment with strategies that may help your team to succeed.
 You are willing to do four times more work than other team members to ensure the team is well led
 You look to your own leadership skills first if you are having difficulties with your team, rather than simply blaming team members.
 You will reach out to the organisers or others for help if you need it
 You will commit to submit a team report on time
 You have competent English
 You have access to good internet and computing
 You have submitted a thoughtful bio
Leaders are eligible for the Champion Global Leader Award (and five highly commended awards) along with certificates and letters of commendation.

Leadership Coaches
In innovative organisations, leaders don’t simply lead and make decisions. Theyalso run a more subtle process of uplifting staff to take on responsibilities, initiate action, and lead projects. This is a Leadership Coach role.
As a Leadership Coach in the Global Enterprise Experience you will be a full member of the team – plus a mature voice of wisdom and guidance. Your skills will especially support the designated leader to grow, learning from your experience.
Leadership Coach is a highly skilled role using a wide range of techniques to inspire and support others to step up to their potential, especially the designated team leader. It will take about an hour a day over the three weeks.
We will provide you with coaching, learning materials, and a facilitated peer network of other Leadership Coaches to grow your skills as a Leadership Coach. You can win the Champion Leadership Coach Award

This experience is for you if you wish to:
 Effectively coach your staff to lead initiatives
 Grow your skills in managing virtual teams – this may become an essential skill with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 virus outbreak
 Develop your skills to manage across diverse cultures and world views
 Directly impact the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and learn how to apply them in your organisation
 Grow your peer-leadership skills - impacting your global team’s creativity, problem solving, decision making, productivity, unity and willingness to help others to succeed
 Develop your ability to innovate, plan new ventures, and make a profit while making a positive difference in the world.