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The Global Enterprise Experience is developing three kinds of leaders:
Leadership Coaches

All participants are expected to be peer-leaders - that is taking joint responsibility for team creativity, team productivity, team problem solving, team unity and helping others to succeed.

Peer-leaders matter. They are the people who see a need and step up to the challenge – regardless of their designated role. There is a famous quote from Margaret Mead about peer-leaders; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Here are some ways you can express your peer-leadership in the Global Enterprise Experience:

  Be the first person to share your creative ideas which leads the way for others to share

  Freely share your creative ideas – good, bad, crazy, insightful, obvious, unusual 
  Expand other team members’ ideas
  Provide options and compromises that help the team to reach a decision
  Speak kindly to help build a collaborative team culture
  Initiate one-on-one relationships with all team members
  Use your initiative to resolve issues 
  Raise real concerns – constructively 
  Support the designated team leader
  Be a beacon of ethics and values
  Put the team needs ahead of your own
  Support other team members to step up to their potential
  Celebrate the unique qualities of all team members 

We support your peer leadership growth through:
  Peer-leadership self-evaluation 
  Reflection on your peer-leadership contribution 
  360-degree feedback of your peer-leadership from your team
  Guidance in peer-leadership
  Champion Global Peer-Leadership Award with NZ$1,000 prize money, certificates and letters of commendation.


Enrolment is free and open to anyone in the workforce or tertiary education

At the heart of every new venture is a leader who chose to make a difference. Always! That leader is like a magnet who attracts the people, skills, money, resources and opportunities to grow the venture. 

So, to create the world we all wish to live in, we need to grow leaders.  Are you interested?

Check if this leadership opportunity is for you  Are you willing to:

  Receive training to lead creativity, problem solving, decision making, performance, team unity, and online communication
  Experiment with leadership strategies
  Do four times more work than your team members
  Be humble - looking first at your leadership if problems arise
  Reach out for help if you need it
  Take responsibility for submitting the team report on time
  Have competent English
  Have access to good internet and computing
  Have submitted a thoughtful bio

Leaders are eligible for the Champion Global Leader Award, certificates and letters of commendation.

Enrol as a participant and then email the organiser, Deb Gilbertson on deb[at]windeaters.co.nz, if you wish to volunteer before April 17.  Enrolment is free and open to anyone in the workforce or tertiary education.

Leadership Coaches
In innovative organisations, leaders don’t simply lead and make decisions. They also run a more subtle process of uplifting staff to take on responsibilities, initiate action, and lead projects. This is a Leadership Coach role.

As a Leadership Coach in the Global Enterprise Experience you will use your wisdom to coach the team leaders who are mostly based in New Zealand.  Your role is to be a sounding board, listen, guide, support and help the coachees build their own insights.  They need your help.  The team leaders have the intensive role of pulling together their team of eight culturally diverse members from around the world.  They are challenged with fostering creativity, making decisions, building a team culture, ensuring full commitment, managing team software, caring for colleagues, setting standards, strategically thinking through a viable social enterprise, business planning, managing conflict, and keeping their own head above water.  

We provide you with a full training programme, learning materials, personal coaching, practice coaching with colleagues, a facilitated peer-network of other Leadership Coaches to grow your coaching skills, and the opportunity to extensively coach. You gain a certificate and letter of commendation for completion, and can win the Champion Leadership Coach Award.

To expand your cross-cultural skills and experience you can also offer coaching to all of the 1000 team members from the 60 countries participating in the contest. 

Your brief bio and photo will be displayed on an online booking system.  You can offer two kinds of support.  There are 15 minute advisory sessions where participants seek your advice on an issue they have encountered.  These build confidence in the interacton and can often segue into a coaching experience.  You can also offer 50 minute coaching sessions enabling coachees to build their own powerful insights.  You choose when and how much you wish to advise and coach through entering timeslots that work for you. Team leaders (and team members if you choose to work with them) can view your offering and click on a link to book a time for an online meeting.   

This experience is for you if you wish to:

  Grow your skills in coaching staff, colleagues or citizens to lead initiatives
  Develop personal insights into your leadership, communication and coaching style
  Learn more about virtual global teamwork, uniting diverse cultures, innovation, social entrepreneurship, and applying UNSDGs in the workplace
  Raise the creativity, problem solving, decision making, productivity, unity and collegiality of global teams
  Impact emerging youth leaders to develop solutions for the kind of world we all wish to live in

Enrolment is NZ$1300 and open to anyone in the workforce