The Programme

Develop your skills as a global leader engaging with colleagues from across the globe.  Foster your creativity to find sustainble solutions to the world's complex issues.  Learn how to put together a business concept proposal that can attract funds and support.  And raise your social entrepreneurship skills to create profitable solutions for social and enviromental issues.   

Participants are in teams of eight, with members drawn from around the world. Teams compete, not countries. The team uses cloud computing to communicate with its members. To date 13,000 participants from 700 universities and 100 organisations in 120 countries have participated. Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand's capital city is the home of the contest. This is the 18th contest.

The Global Enterprise Experience won the Intercultural Innovation Award from the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the BMW Group. 

 2021 dates

The 2021 contest will run from April 21 to May 12, it is free to enter, and there are no restrictions on who may enrol.  Past participants have been students, entrepreneurs, or working for businesses or civil society organisations. 

Teams write a six-page business concept proposal for a low initial cost venture that profitably progresses a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal
The topic is deliberately broad, so projects will vary widely such as focusing on poverty, hunger, health, wellbeing, education, clean water, sanitation, energy, environment, inequalities, responsible production and consumption, peace or justice. 
The project could be based in a developed or developing country or between countries. You will need to use your creativity to design an innovative project that achieves social goals but is also profitable.  Earning a profit ensures the venture is self-sustaining. 
Enrolment is from March 1 to April 7 2021.  You may choose a partner to work with or you may enroll as a single.  The second enrollee of your pair needs to know the email address of the first enrollee to enrol. It is helpful to provide your team members with several avenues of communication, so the enrolment form has the option of entering your cellphone number, and your username for Skype, FaceBook and WhatsApp.  If you enter this information, only your team members will see it.
After enrolling you will be sent an email requesting a brief bio to share with your team members, and a five minute self-evaluation questionnaire on your peer-leadership skills.  If we have not received these by April 16 then you will not be placed in a team.  If your university requires late enrolments, please contact us. 
2021 Contest 
You will receive an email at 01:00 GMT on April 21 with the names, countries and contact details of your eight team members. Your team will have three weeks to brainstorm an idea, undertake research and analysis, and write your proposal. 
One team member, usually from New Zealand, is tasked with getting the team started, but leadership may shift to other team members during the course of the contest. All other team members are peer leaders - taking joint responsibility for team performance, creativity, culture, engagement, decision making and conflict resolution. 
One team member submits the team proposal by May 12.  All team members each submit their own one-page reflection of their peer-leadership contribution to the team.  For leaders and co-leaders this is due on May 19.  For all other team members it is due on May 14.  All team members complete a 360 degree feedback of the peer-leadership contribution of their eight team members by May 19.
If you are looking to become a social entrepreneur, and are keen to make your team's project happen in your country, then you may wish to apply for the New Venture Development Award by May 19.  The winner will receive NZ$4,000 to help get the venture started.  You will be emailed your personal link to submit and application. 

Champion Peer-Leader - NZ$1,000

Each member of the Champion Team - NZ$500 each

New Venture Development Award - NZ$4,000 project seed money for an individual emerging social entrepreneur

There are also non-financial awards recognising team leadership, commitment, academic leadership, leadership coach and past participant social entrepreneurship.  All completing participants receive a letter of commendation and a certificate. 

Award ceremony

The 2021 award ceremony will be held in New Zealand's parliament on June 23.  New Zealand participants collect awards, certificates, and letters of commendation on behalf of their international colleagues, which will then be returned to the organiser and sent to the participant. Only those who completed all of the requirements of the contest are eligible for awards and certificates.